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Learn from the best

About Us

Vinod Yadav Aviation Academy Pvt. Ltd. was established on 5th February 2018 with the aim to provide complete, in-depth and updated knowledge to upcoming aviators.

Run in a professional environment under the leadership of Mr. Vinod Yadav, VYAA has provided the required knowledge base to over 500 student pilots, enabling them to proceed further in their aviation careers with ease and confidence.

The instructors are a group of highly experienced aviators and airline pilots, with a total experience exceeding 40 years who work around the clock to provide the best knowledge and guidance to our upcoming pilots.

We at VYAA believe in consistent hard work

Meet our team-

Mr. Vinod Yadav

Ex-AirForce and ex-Jet Airways with 30+ years of experience with aviation management

Capt. Tapesh Kumar

Captain on A320/B737 with leading Indian airlines with 10+ years of experience

Capt. Navneet Singh

A hard-working and dedicated instructor with 3+ years of aviation experience

Capt. Prachi Goswami

Airline pilot on A320 with 5+ years of experience