Vinod Yadav Aviation Learn from the best
Learn from the best

Achievements and results

With our 3+ years of hardwork and consistency, our students have topped in DGCA exams in every attempt.

Whereas the average number of students who pass in DGCA exams is only 15-20%, over 90% of our students have consistently passed in the exams.

High passing rate

Over 90% of our students pass in the first attempt.

Toppers in all DGCA exams

We impart in-depth knowledge which has allowed our students to top in all DGCA attempts, all India!

Online and offline classes

Our classes run online on Zoom as well as in the classroom. All classes are live and interactive.

ATPL level knowledge

We cover ATPL syllabus in our regular CPL classes, so our students don’t require ATPL classes!